Actual comments from a few of our many StediWatt Users:

Travis Co. 17th Water Dist:, Austin , TX 78734
Re: StediWatt Lightning Protection

As you know, Water District 17 is located in the hill country, an area with an extremely high rate of lightning strikes and power outages. Our equipment has been plagued by power surges and disabled by lightning strikes to such an extent that we had thousands of dollars of damage to modems, CPU boards, and network cards, as well as pressure transmitters.

To protect our 408/208 volt 3-phase, and our 120/240 volt single phase lines, we installed the StediWatt Models S-1480-4; S-1208-4; and the S-1120-3 series units. On the phone lines, we used the StediWatt Power'Safe 622T and 625T, TeleMate series, and on each computer we used a Power'Safe 626 strip.

Since we installed the StediWatt equipment a year ago, we have had no further problems even though we have had many thunderstorms an lightning strikes. WE intend to install this equipment at all of our other remote sites , and in our upcoming new water plant expansion to protect the programmable logic controllers, motors, and new computers.

Thank you for your assistance in obtaining this fine equipment, and we look forward to working with you in the future." _Deborah S. Gernes, General Manager

A good word from one of our long-time StediWatt User's:

"Prior to installing your StediWatt TVSS at the Highway Department's multiple facilities, thousands of dollars of equipment was being destroyed by lightning storms annually. The cost of the StediWatt System amounted to less than one-third the total amount of the actual ruined equipment we've had in the previous 2 years.

Since the StediWatt TVSS have eliminated any further loss of our equipment, you could say that our savings would be much greater if you included all of the related downtime and replacement costs. Ironically, after the installation of one of our StediWatt TVSS last year, it suffered a direct lightning strike and had to be replaced under warranty, but it was the only component destroyed.

Tangibly speaking, I can't imagine greater reliability and dependability!" As soon as we have further need, we will be placing your StediWatt equipment on any new equipment.

As always, it's been my pleasure working with you over these years, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.

Regards, Jack Reynard, Fleet Manager
Washington County, Highway Department
Division of Public Works, Hagerstown, MD

...Also hear from Comcast's experience...

...And from Superintendent of Broken Bow, OK School District

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