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Bermuda Triangle

Heavy Industry

Rugged, dependable, durable, long-lasting, just what you'd expect from heavy industry. Protect your equipment from harmful surges with industrial-strength surge protection.

Government & Education

You've been tasked with reducing expenses by 5, 8, even 10% or more. Where can you squeeze more? Consider a Stediwatt Surge Protection Technology to reduce your operating and maintenance expenses, get more out of the equipment you have, and even save on your electrical bill in some cases. Let us show you how preventive maintenance with our solutions can save you money.

Information Technology

Big investments in computer equipment-servers, desktops, peripherals-add up to big risk exposure. UPS and other solutions don't offer the surge protection capability our unique single-element technology can offer because they just can't withstand years of surges that wear out their components. Our technology doesn't degrade over time, it will be there to protect your systems.

Machine Shops & Manufacturing

You probably already know about dirty power. You may even have TVSS devices on site already. Let us show you how our single-element technology is the best available. Non-degrading, high performance surge protection, sized and specified to your application.

Marine & RV

StediWatt Surge Protection Technology can keep you from being stranded. Marine, RV and other specialized transport can be some of the most beneficial applications of the TVSS System Plus and starting at around $500, we can customize a solution for most RV's. Stainless steel units are available for saltwater vessels.

Medical, Healthcare & Clinics

Precision medical equipment-imaging equipment, monitoring devices, lasers-is increasingly capital intensive. Protect your investments with TVSS. Equipment insurers uniformly recommend power protection-especially surge protection-to reduce electrical damage.

Printing & Publishing

The Press floors make or break based on production time. Can your business afford to ignore surges when there's a readily available solution to keep your motors, circuit boards, and precision equipment safe?

Public Utilities & Water Districts

Special projects call for special solutions. Contact Us to find out if a partnership with StediWatt makes long term sense.


Just installed that dream home theater - HDTV and Dolby surround, right? Did you know that for about $500 you can protect your entire house, including your new toys, from surges and even most lightning strikes? Don't let fancy packaging in electronics stores fool you. Most consumer surge protectors can't protect your equipment effectively. Our products are designed for industrial applications, and the same technology is used in our residential solutions.

Retail & Commercial

Every minute your electronic equipment is down, a sale could be walking out the door. Stediwatt Surge Protection Technology protects your expensive prosessing devices and keeps consumers from turning to the competition. Outages are very common, and in fact, are at the tops for claims paid out by insurers. Protect from losses ahead of time, rather than hassling with claims and business interruption.

Banks & Financial

Think your business isn't big enough to worry about surge protection? You might be surprised when you think about how much you have invested in the things you have plugged into the power line. Is your customer database on a server? Do you have point of sale equipment like cash registers and credit card machines? Did you know that for less than $200 per month, you can be protected from surges of all kinds, including lightning in most cases? Our units come with an unbeatable comprehensive warranty that includes connected equipment insurance. That means that if a surge damages your equipment while our system is in place, you can collect on your loss.

Food Processing

Be proactive…not reactive. If a StediWatt unit can save your air conditioning, refrigeration and inventory from an unforeseen catastrophic outage or from unplanned spoilage… the units would more than pay for themselves in an instant. These sorts of outages are very common, and in fact, are at the tops for claims paid out by insurers. Protect from losses ahead of time, rather than hassling with claims and business interruption.

StediWatt Meets These Standards

Most industrial, commercial and office facilities operate in a constant environment of “Electrical Pollution”! Surges, spikes, glitches and transient over-voltages are caused by lightning, power grid switching, brownouts, blackouts and all kinds of load switching and cycling. These external surges coupled with internally generated power pollution, produced by motors and controls, electronic equipment, load switching and other transient sources, contribute to equipment damage costing 100’s of millions of dollars in the USA each year.

The StediWatt Power Quality and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) System is specifically designed to safely eliminate those external and internal surges and transients before they damage your sensitive electronic and electrical equipment. Our innovative SE Single Element Technology is designed to handle the most potentially damaging hi-energy transients without degrading. This provides a life-time grid of protection from external hazards, while it isolates all of your most sensitive electrical equipment and components from all kinds of unpredictable, nearby power corruption and adjacent overloaded circuits. You can count on StediWatt's 24/7 lifetime protection system and a quick payback because of the many collective benefits that prevent power problems and preserve your peace-of -mind, your productivity and your profits!