Advanced Electronics Systems, Inc. has been a pioneer and leader in the power quality and protection industry since 1974! Our StediWatt family of Transient Suppressors and Power Control products are known throughout the electrical industry for quality, robust performance and long-term reliability. StediWatt's history of constant product innovation and enhancement assures you a lifetime of pure power and system protection of your valuable assets!

Stediwatt's 24/7 lifetime protection system (pdf)

What is “Electrical Pollution” costing YOU?

Most industrial, commercial and office facilities operate in a constant environment of “Electrical Pollution”! Surges, spikes, glitches and transient over-voltages are caused by lightning, power grid switching, brownouts, blackouts and all kinds of load switching and cycling. These external surges coupled with internally generated power pollution, produced by motors and controls, electronic equipment, load switching and other transient sources, contribute to equipment damage costing 100’s of millions of dollars in the USA each year.

Of the three main power problems: "Electrical Pollution" Blackouts and Brownouts, Electrical Pollution is the most costly to ignore and the least costly to eliminate! ...

The StediWatt Power Quality and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) System is specifically designed to safely eliminate those external and internal surges and transients before they damage your sensitive electronic and electrical equipment. Our innovative SE Single Element Technology is designed to handle the most potentially damaging hi-energy transients without degrading. This provides a life-time grid of protection from external hazards, while it isolates all of your most sensitive electrical equipment and components from all kinds of unpredictable, nearby power corruption and adjacent overloaded circuits. You can count on StediWatt's 24/7 lifetime protection system and a quick payback because of the many collective benefits that prevent power problems and preserve your peace-of -mind, your productivity and your profits!

There is a StediWatt TVSS product for every location and most needs in your facility ...and all our products are backed by our 3-step, 10 year full replacement and equipment protection warranty.

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