Benefits of StediWatt TVSS

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) Systems Reduce Your Costs

Eliminate Electrical Pollution

Stop high voltage surges and transients on the incoming power lines from entering and contaminating your building distribution system. Traps transients generated at their source to keep your power system clean.

Increase Productivity & Uptime

Uninterrupted data flow and communications results in saved time and less rework. Reduced equipment replacement and repairs yields less maintenance, better utilization and increased uptime.

Rapid Investment Payback

Typically users experience savings in equipment replacement and repairs equal to approximately 10% of their annual power bill. This is usually adequate to achieve less than a one year payback.

You'll Be Surprised Who Uses StediWatt!

These are just a few companies who rely on StediWatt rugged TVSS protection.

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“ Prior to installing your StediWatt TVSS at the Highway Department's multiple facilities, thousands of dollars of equipment was being destroyed by lightning storms annually. ”

— Jack Reynard, Fleet Manager
Washington County, Division of Public Works, Hagerstown, MD

Our Vision

StediWatt is regarded as the best and most sought after source for Power Quality, Protection and Performance Products, for Service, and Preventative Solutions that maximize time, performance, value and profits.

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